Saturday, April 20

Libs Of Tik Tok

News LInks

NEW: 3 innocent bystanders shot during a gas station shootout in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m sure these are all legally obtained guns. According to police, two “groups” of people started shooting at each other in the parking lot. None of the people who were shot had any connection…

SCOTUS Questions Biden DOJ Charges Against J6ers, We Are WINNING

Mainstream Media Coverage Of Illegal Migrants Boat Landing In Carlsbad California – It was organized – 22 military age men jumped out and ran to a SUV that was waiting for them on the street…

Tucker: Why do the reddest states produce the dumbest, most liberal Republicans?

BAM! O’Keefe Media Uncovers who is really running the White House.

GOP Voter Registration SURGES in Swing States