Tuesday, June 25

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S&P 500 closes slightly lower after briefly breaching 5,500, Nvidia takes a breather: Live updates – CNBC

@NVIDIA’s market cap passes $3.34 trillion #shorts

COLLAPSE: Fast Food Chains CLOSE DOWN By The THOUSANDS Across the U.S. – Benny Johnson Vid

85,000 ‘Lost’ Unaccompanied Migrant Children Hot Air

Underreported Santa Fe National Forest, New Mexico The fire began burning last Saturday June 15, 2024. The cause of the fire is “undetermined” – 47 sec clip

Darden Restaurants Reports Mixed Results as Olive Garden Sales Decline – Whatfinger

Biden Heads to Camp David to Prepare for Upcoming Debate With Trump – Epoch Times

Federal Judge to Hear Arguments on Lawfulness of Jack Smith Appointment – Epoch Times

Former OpenAI Chief Scientist Launches New AI Safety Organization – Whatfinger

Sen. John Kennedy: “The differences between biological males and biological females explode during puberty.” – 2 mins 11 sec clip

Donald Trump Calls Family of Mother Murdered by Illegal Immigrant -Twitchy

Whoopi Goldberg Suffers Meltdown over Louisiana’s New Ten Commandments Law -Slay News

LEGO just unveiled a new LGBTQ pride campaign aimed at children which features drag queens and people in pup f*t*sh gear attending a pride parade54 sec clip 👇

🤔Scott Ritter: The Zionist Experiment Is Finished – Washington Standard 

Black Americans Are Wide Awake To Democrats Race Politics – 33 sec clip

SICKENING: New Details Emerge on Ecuadorian Illegal Charged With Kidnapping, Raping 13-Year-Old NY Girl -Red State

Crypto investor twins explain why they’re all in for Trump: ‘It’s time to take our country back’ -The Blaze

NASA Astronauts Delayed on ISS as Boeing Starliner Faces Technical Issues – Whatfinger

Rep. Pelosi Meets With Exiled Tibetan Government in India as China’s Xi Visits Tibet – Epoch Times

Climate Activists Arrested for Vandalizing Private Jets at London Airport – Whatfinger

Housing Starts Decline Significantly Amid High Interest Rates and Housing Shortage – Whatfinger

China Criticizes EU Over Increased Tariffs on Electric Vehicles – Whatfinger

The Bikeriders: A Tragic Tale of Lost Dreams and Freedom on the Open Road – Whatfinger

Scott Bessent Warns Of The Impending Financial Ruin If The U.S. Does Not Change Its Spending Habits – War Room Clip

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