Saturday, May 18


News LInks

Best 90 seconds you will spend all day is watching this MSNBC clip. Seriously.

Tucker Carlson Blamed For It All 😂 – Mark Dice

I’m Warning You Now, Covid Was Just a WARM-UP for What’s Coming Next – Bongino Clip

Tim Pool on the Trump trial: “They have brought us back 8 years to re-litigate now for what, the 3rd or 4th time the 2016 election because these psychotic election deniers like Hillary Clinton and now Bragg cannot accept they lost.”

Argentina President Javier Milei announces first quarterly budget surplus in 16 years.

PUTIN: LIBERALISM WILL BE THE WEST’S DOWNFALL “History shows that the countries which are able to develop consistently and independently are those countries which preserve the national identity, and unique feature of their peoples, who treasure the memories of their ancestors while paying due respect to other cultures.

“We Have The Appeasement Camp”: Dave Brat On Congress’ Failure Of Duty To American People

DISGUSTING PROPAGANDA: Democrats are playing this commercial now – you will be shocked – Fast clip

An Iranian MMA fighter attacked a ring girl because he was offended by how she was dressed. He was knocked out within 30 seconds of the fight, and he found out even harder after the audience turned on him. Russians don’t like it when you beat on women.

We Are Not Alone: TOP 10 MEMES – Watch MAGA

Bill Maher BLASTS Disney G*y Agenda & Hollywood Grooming In BOMBSHELL Monologue That Goes Viral

Tucker: Mike Johnson is supporting the anti-Christian policies of the Biden administration

NEW: 3 innocent bystanders shot during a gas station shootout in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m sure these are all legally obtained guns. According to police, two “groups” of people started shooting at each other in the parking lot. None of the people who were shot had any connection…

SCOTUS Questions Biden DOJ Charges Against J6ers, We Are WINNING

Mainstream Media Coverage Of Illegal Migrants Boat Landing In Carlsbad California – It was organized – 22 military age men jumped out and ran to a SUV that was waiting for them on the street…

Tucker: Why do the reddest states produce the dumbest, most liberal Republicans?

BAM! O’Keefe Media Uncovers who is really running the White House.

GOP Voter Registration SURGES in Swing States

Mike Davis: The NY Judge’s Daughter Has Raised $100M Using President Trump’s Bogus Criminal Trial

Mike Davis On Biden Involvement In Lawfare Against President Trump

Everything about this case is absurd – Jonathan Turley

Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch nukes Joe Biden’s DOJ over January 6th sentences: Gorsuch lists multiple cases of folks who “obstructed a Congressional proceeding” without receiving a 20 year sentence.

Every Vax-Injured Person Needs to See This: Recovery Insights from Dr. Peter McCullough “If we don’t address the spike protein, it’s not going to get better.” Dr. McCullough recommends three key substances for those seeking recovery after the shots.

Senator Hawley grilled the US Secretary of Energy Granholm on lying and lying

Kyle Marisa Roth, Blind Item TikTok Star, Dead at 36