We Believe them, right? Facebook ‘unintentionally’ imported email contacts of 1.5M users…

  • Facebook announced that it accidentally uploaded about 1.5 million users’ email contacts to the social site in 2016. It took almost 3 years for Facebook to detect this problem.
  • Changes made to the site in May 2016 allowed Facebook users’ email contacts to be uploaded without their consent or knowledge.
  • The issue occurred for users when they set up their Facebook accounts after the 2016 changes were made.
  • The problem was discovered when users were asked to enter their email passwords to verify their identity. Then, that email was linked to the Facebook account where a message would pop up to import email contacts to the social network without requesting permission.
  • The company noted the contact lists will be deleted and were not shared with anybody outside of Facebook.
  • This issue is the latest in a string of setback for the company who is still reeling from numerous privacy concerns and pressure to remove hate speech, political manipulation, misinformation and more.

Reference Links & Additional Info…

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