Trump Urges President Xi to Meet Face-to-Face with Hong Kong Protesters to End Months-Long Protest; Clarifies Previous Tweet to Meet with Xi

  • In a tweet on Thursday, President Trump urged Chinese President Xi Jinping to meet with Hong Kong protesters face-to-face to bring the months-long protests to an end and clarified a previous tweet about the situation.
  • On Wednesday, Trump tweeted about the possibility of a personal meeting between the two leaders to end the protests: “I know President Xi of China very well. He is a great leader who very much has the respect of his people. He is also a good man in a “tough business.” I have ZERO doubt that if President Xi wants to quickly and humanely solve the Hong Kong problem, he can do it. Personal meeting?”
  • On Thursday, Trump tweeted: “If President Xi would meet directly and personally with the protesters, there would be a happy and enlightened ending to the Hong Kong problem. I have no doubt!”
  • Critics have accused Trump of being ambiguous on the situation in Hong Kong where pro-democracy protesters have fought to remove an extradition bill, called for the resignation of Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam and vowed to maintain Hong Kong’s independence.
  • Clashes between protesters and police have become increasingly violence, and the protests took on a new tone when demonstrators overtook the Hong Kong International Airport for two days earlier this week.
  • Amid the ongoing Hong Kong situation, the U.S.-China relationship is shaky as an escalating trade war between the two powerful nations has rattled global stock markets.
  • Earlier this week, the Trump administration announced that the latest tariffs scheduled to be imposed on remaining China imports would be delayed from September to December.
  • Trump tweeted: “Good things were stated on the call with China the other day. They are eating the Tariffs with the devaluation of their currency and “pouring” money into their system. The American consumer is fine with or without the September date, but much good will come from the short…..”
  • Trump continued: “..deferral to December. It actually helps China more than us, but will be reciprocated. Millions of jobs are being lost in China to other non-Tariffed countries. Thousands of companies are leaving. Of course China wants to make a deal. Let them work humanely with Hong Kong first!”

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