Trump Signals Another Meeting with Kim Jong Un Likely After N. Korean Leader Wrote Trump a ‘Very Beautiful Letter’ Explaining Latest Missile Tests Were Response to U.S.-S. Korea War Games

  • Speaking to reporters on Friday, President Trump said that he received “a very beautiful letter” from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and said the he was willing to have another meeting with Kim, but didn’t give details on when the meeting could happen
  • Trump told reporters that the letter was hand-delivered on Thursday but didn’t provide details on who delivered it.
  • Trump said: “It was a very positive letter. I think we’ll have another meeting. He really wrote a beautiful, three-page – I mean great from top to bottom – a really beautiful letter.”
  • Since last year, Trump and Kim have met three times to discuss productive ways for getting Kim to give up his nuclear weapons.
  • Despite Trump and Kim meeting for the last time on June 30 where both sides agreed to continue talks about North Korea’s nuclear program, talks haven’t resumed in the interim, and North Korea has tested several missiles since then.
  • Trump “said Kim had said he was not happy about the missile tests, which the North Korean leader has said were a response to U.S.-South Korean military drills being held this month.”
  • Trump added that he had “never been a fan of the war games,” and explained: “You know why? I don’t like paying for it. We should be reimbursed for it and I have told that to South Korea.”
  • Trump added: “But I said, ‘do this,’ because this is a big test; this was a turnover of various areas to South Korea. I like that, because that’s what should happen.”
  • Trump’s remarks about sharing the costs of the war games with South Korea, America’s long-time ally, is likely to dismay the country, as well as Trump’s praise of Kim.
  • Additionally, Trump spoke about South Korea and Japan’s relationship and said: “I hope that South Korea and Japan start getting along with each other. You know, they’re supposed to be allies.”
  • Trump added: “It puts us in a very difficult position, South Korea and Japan and fighting all the time. They’ve got to get along.”

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