Trump Calls U.S.’s Israeli-Palestinian Plan ‘Deal of Century’ But Palestinian Foreign Minister Calls It ‘Surrender Act’

  • What President Trump calls the “deal of the century” to end the long-standing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, the Palestinian foreign minister, Riad Malki, calls it “an unacceptable surrender act.”
  • Malki further calls Trump’s proposed deal “the consecration of [Palestinians’] century-old ordeal.”
  • Malki also said: “When it comes to taking the lead on peace efforts, the world left the steering wheel in the hand of a reckless driver… with a view that we should wait till the reckless driver goes over a cliff or runs over the Palestinian people [before doing] something about it.”
  • Senior Trump adviser Jared Kushner drafted the new U.S. plan and said it would be a “framework… [which] will lead to both sides being much better off”.”
  • Israel has yet to take a position on the plan.
  • While the U.S. plans to release the deal next month, no details have been confirmed yet, so it’s unknown if the plan is centered on the traditional two-state solution.
  • The two-state solution would see Israel, along with a Palestinian state with Jerusalem serving as the capital for both.
  • Palestinians have traditionally been supportive of this approach while Israelis have been less so.

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