Terrorist Attack Leaves Around 100 Dead in Mali; Many Bodies Burned

  • According to officials, about 100 residents of a central Mali village have been killed in a suspected terrorist attack. The village is made up of people from the Dogon ethnic group.
  • So far, about 95 bodies have been recovered, but the search is still ongoing. Officials have said that about 19 people are unaccounted for.
  • An official said: “Right now we have 95 dead civilians. The bodies are burned; we are continuing to look for others.”
  • Mali has seen its share of attacks in the past few months where jihadists groups are responsible for some and others are “ethnically driven.”
  • There have also been frequent clashes between the Dogon hunters and the Fulani herders.
  • According to reports, “Friction between [Dogon] farmers and the [Fulani] roaming herders over resources is long-standing – but clashes between them have increased since a militant Islamist uprising in northern Mali in 2012.”
  • The Fulani people, who are mostly Muslim, have been accused of having connections to the Mali’s Islamic uprising. The Fulani say that a Dogon group, Dan Na Ambassagou, has attacked them.
  • In March, over 150 Dogon were murdered by gunmen.
  • In 2013, Islamist groups “seized half of the country and were advancing on the capital, Bamako.”
  • By 2015, the uprising spread to the center of Mali, which shattered government control, but allowed citizens greater access to weapons.

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