Some Advisers of Hong Kong Chief Executive Ask for Delay in Controversial Extradition Bill; More Protests Planned for Weekend

  • Some of Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s advisers have insisted that she delay the controversial extradition bill that has caused unrest, mass demonstrations and disruption to the city’s infrastructure. Others want to continue with the bill and don’t see a need for a delay.
  • Bernard Chan, a key adviser on the Executive Council, wants a pause on the bill due to “intense divisions.”
  • Chan said: “At a time when there are such intense divisions – to keep discussing this issue, the difficulty is very high.”
  • Pro-Beijing lawmaker Michael Tien wants a delay on the bill and said “he was concerned about the results of the 2020 Legislative Council election if the government forcefully passes the bill.”
  • Due to about one million people protesting in opposition to the bill on Sunday and various demonstrations throughout the week, the Legislative Council has been forced to postpone its meetings for three days in a row due to activity around the building.
  • The new bill “would enable the chief executive and local courts to handle extradition requests without legislative oversight” to send suspects to mainland China, Taiwan and Macau for prosecution. Things would be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • According to reports, “lawyers, journalists, foreign politicians and businesses have raised concerns over the risk of residents being extradited to the mainland, which lacks human rights protections.”
  • Human rights groups believe opponents of the Chinese government will be unfairly targeted.
  • However, according to Lam and other Hong Kong officials, the new legislation is intended to stop the city from “being a safe haven for criminals.”
  • During clashes between protesters and the police earlier this week, 60 protesters and 22 police officers were injured. Around 11 people were arrested.
  • There are plans for more demonstrations this weekend.

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