Russian Mayor Bans Circuses that Use Wild Animals as ‘Prisoners’ in Acts

  • Beslan Tsechoyev, the mayor of Russian city, Magas, has placed a ban on circuses that use wild animals as part of their acts.
  • Tsechoyev explained his position “circuses are the cruelest form of animal exploitation, where they are kept in abnormal conditions. No spectacle that uses any type of animals will ever be allowed in Magas.”
  • Tsechoyev canceled a previously-scheduled May 6 big-top performance in Magas.
  • Since equestrian events are also popular in the area, the mayor distinguished between the two, calling equestrian events “acrobatic displays conducted in the animals’ natural habitat” while comparing them to animals who perform circus tricks as “prisoners.”
  • According to reports, the Magas council plans to launch a campaign to “teach children and young people how to treat animals humanely.”

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