• For a second consecutive day in Hong Kong, pro-democracy protesters and police clashed ahead of China’s holiday this week, National Day on Oct. 1.
  • Hong Kong’s business and shopping districts have been thrown into disarray over the clashes.
  • The violence on Sunday started “early afternoon when police fired tear gas to disperse a large crowd that had amassed in the popular Causeway Bay shopping district. But thousands of people regrouped and defiantly marched along a main thoroughfare toward government offices, crippling traffic.”
  • As the two sides clashed, “riot police repeatedly fired blue liquid — used to identify protesters — from a water cannon truck and multiple volleys of tear gas after demonstrators hurled Molotov cocktails at officers and targeted the city’s government office complex.”
  • The same scenes had played out on Saturday and are “part of a familiar cycle since pro-democracy protests began in early June. The protests were sparked by a now-shelved extradition bill and have since snowballed into an anti-China movement.”
  • One demonstrator said: “We know that in the face of the world’s largest totalitarian regime — to quote Captain America, ‘Whatever it takes,’” referring to “the violent methods deployed by hard-line protesters.”
  • The protester added: “The consensus right now is that everyone’s methods are valid and we all do our part.”
  • Despite a police ban, protesters plan to take to the streets on Tuesday, “raising fears of more violent confrontations that would embarrass Chinese President Xi Jinping as his ruling Communist Party marks 70 years since taking power.”
  • One Hong Kong resident said: “So many youngsters feel that they’re going to have no future because of the power of China. It’s hopeless for Hong Kong. If we don’t stand up, there will be no hope.”
  • With the ongoing protests, “Hong Kong’s government has already scaled down the city’s National Day celebrations, canceling an annual fireworks display and moving a reception indoors.”

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