Pope Francis Accuses Conservative U.S. Critics of ‘Stabbing Him in the Back’ After They Criticize His Progressive Agenda

  • Pope Francis announced on Tuesday that he isn’t afraid of a split in the Catholic Church after he accused his critics of betraying him and criticized his critics’ use of “rigid ideology to cover their own moral failings.”
  • The Pope spoke to reporters “during an in-flight press conference en route to the Vatican after a three-nation Africa tour,” where he “said that some of his ultra-conservative American critics had allowed political ideology to infiltrate religious doctrine.”
  • Francis said: “When you see Christians, bishops, priests, who are rigid, behind that there are problems and an unhealthy way of looking at the Gospel.”
  • Francis “has faced criticism from conservative Catholics in the United States for his stance on immigration, climate change and social issues.”
  • Some ultra-conservative Catholics in the U.S. “have accused the Pope of diluting their faith, and have even called for his resignation.”
  • Some detractors have gone so far as to accuse “Francis of heresy, and warned of the risk of a schism, or a formal separation from the Holy See.”
  • Francis told reporters: “I pray that there won’t be any because the spiritual health of many people is at stake.”
  • Taking a more progressive approach, “the Pope has reached out to the LGBT+ community and divorcees, while expressing concern for the poor and the environment.”
  • However, “conservative critics say Francis is not outspoken enough on abortion and too accommodating towards Muslims. Some have even labeled the pontiff a communist for his critique of capitalism.”
  • Francis said: “The social things I say are the same things that John Paul II said,” making a reference “to the former pope and popular Catholic leader.”
  • Francis noted “that while he welcomed constructive criticism, he had no time for those who smile while stabbing you in the back.”

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  1. A couple of issues that explain the schism and, unfortunately, do not reflect well on Francis or the church following Vatican II:


    Regarding islam and Catholicism (excerpt from Catechism of the Catholic Church):
    “841 The Church’s relationship with the Muslims. “The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, IN THE FIRST PLACE AMONGST WHOM ARE THE MUSLIMS”


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