• The Pentagon announced on Thursday that “it plans to send four radar systems, a battery of Patriot missiles and about 200 support personnel to bolster Saudi Arabia’s defenses after the largest-ever attack on the kingdom’s oil facilities this month.”
  • These latest comments “added details to the Pentagon’s announcement on Friday about U.S. plans to deploy more forces to Saudi Arabia after the Sept. 14 attack on the world’s biggest crude oil-processing facility, which Washington has blamed on Iran.”
  • The deployment is still smaller in scope than what “U.S. officials previously said was under consideration by the Trump administration following the attack on Saudi Arabia.”
  • News outlets “previously reported the Pentagon was considering keeping an aircraft carrier in the Gulf region indefinitely, as speculation mounts that the USS Abraham Lincoln carrier strike group will soon need to wind up its deployment.”
  • A statement from the U.S. military “said it was putting additional capabilities on prepare to deploy orders, meaning they could be mobilized more quickly in a crisis.”
  • These “include two additional Patriot missile batteries, made by Raytheon Co and the Lockheed Martin Corp-built, Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system, or THAAD.”
  • With news of the latest deployments, it appears “to close the door to any near-term decision to wage retaliatory strikes against Iran following the attack, which rattled global markets and exposed major gaps in Saudi Arabia’s air defenses.”
  • Iran continues to deny “any involvement and the Iran-aligned Houthi rebels in Yemen have claimed responsibility for the attack.”
  • Washington, however, “says the trajectory of the incoming missiles and drones eliminate Yemen as the staging ground for the strike.”

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