Paris, France: Rock-Throwing Protesters Clash with Police during May Day Protests…

  • At annual May Day rallies in Paris, tens of thousands of protesters took the streets and clashed with French police.
  • Marchers threw rocks and other items at the police and French riot police used sting grenades and tear gas to get the large crowd under control. About 200 arrests have been reported.
  • Police also conducted more than 12,500 preventative bag searches to look for any suspicious items.
  • The majority of marchers were peaceful as they marched with signs reading “police, gendarmes, join us” and “long live freedom, long live socialism.”
  • On the order of police, more than 580 restaurants, cafes and stores have been closed along the marching route.
  • Yellow vests joined this year’s May Day march to protest French President Emmanuel Macron’s economic policies, which they believe favor big industry and the wealthy.

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