No-Deal Brexit Will Lead to Chaos, Supply Chain Disruptions, Food Shortages, Protests, Counter-Protests, More, According to U.K. Government Report

  • The U.K. government published “Operation Yellowhammer,” a report which details the disruption and chaos that a no-deal Brexit would cause.
  • The dire report warns of “severe disruption to cross-Channel routes, affecting the supply of medicines and certain types of fresh foods, and say that protests and counter-protests will take place across the country, accompanied by a possible rise in public disorder.”
  • The government said the report was compiled on Aug. 2, “nine days after Boris Johnson became prime minister,” but was just released on Wednesday.
  • “Operation Yellowhammer” examines the “worst that could happen if Britain leaves the European Union on Oct. 31 without a deal.”
  • The report detailed that “public and business readiness for such an outcome would likely be low, in part because of continued political confusion in the run-up to Brexit day.”
  • The report said trucks “could have to wait up to two and a half days to cross the English Channel and British citizens could be subject to increased immigration checks at EU border posts.”
  • The report read: “Certain types of fresh food supply will decrease. There is a risk that panic buying will cause or exacerbate food supply disruption.”
  • The report also said “the flow of traffic across the English Channel could be reduced by as much as 60% on the first day after a no-deal Brexit. The worst disruption could last for up to three months.”
  • Additionally, “traffic queues could affect fuel deliveries, disrupting supplies in London and south-east England, and panic buying could cause shortages in other parts of the country.”
  • The document also said that “cross-border financial services would be affected as would information-sharing between police and security services.”
  • Labour’s Brexit spokesman Keir Starmer said: “It is completely irresponsible for the government to have tried to ignore these stark warnings and prevent the public from seeing the evidence.”
  • Starmer said: “Boris Johnson must now admit that he has been dishonest with the British people about the consequence of a No Deal Brexit.”

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