N. Korea Fires More Missiles Off Coast, 4th in Less than 2 Weeks; Warns that U.S.-S. Korean Drills Have ‘Reached the Danger Line’

  • South Korea confirmed on Tuesday that North Korea had fired more missiles off its coast into the sea, the fourth time in less than two weeks. Meanwhile, North Korea has criticized the U.S.-South Korean drills as having “reached the danger line.”
  • North Korea has not only criticized the joint drills, but also the countries’ use of highly-advanced weapons and has accused the U.S. of “inciting tension.”
  • On Tuesday, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said that it seemed like “two short-range ballistic missiles were fired from near Kwail on North Korea’s west coast, about 80 miles southwest of Pyongyang, in South Hwanghae province.”
  • South Korea said the latest launch “went against the spirit of easing tension on the Korean peninsula.”
  • While North Korea said it is willing to negotiate, “it will wait until the end of the year for the United States to soften its policy of sanctions and political pressure over Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs.”
  • However, a North Korean foreign ministry spokesman said on state TV that if the U.S. and South Korea continue to ignores its warnings: “We will make them pay (a) heavy price.”
  • Since President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un “agreed at a June 30 meeting to revive stalled denuclearization talks,” North Korea has launched the series of rockets and missiles.
  • Trump has downplayed North Korea’s launches, saying that haven’t broken any agreement he had established with Kim. According to analysts, “the tests are designed both to improve North Korean military capabilities and to pressure Washington to offer more concessions.”
  • One analyst said: “Part of what’s happening now is that North Korea is expressing frustrations with a general lack of progress on inter-Korean agenda while increasing leverage in U.S.-North Korea negotiations by demonstrating how its programs could and will continue to advance.”
  • A U.N. report released on Monday state that “Pyongyang has continued to enhance its nuclear and missile programs and used cyberattacks to take in $2 billion to fund the development.”

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