Latest Updates: Police Take Back Hong Kong Parliament Building After Protesters Previously Took Control, Smashed Windows, Defaced Emblems, Wrote Graffiti

  • After protesters took over Hong Kong’s Legislative Council (LegCo) building for hours, the police used tear gas to disperse the crowd to take the building back. Earlier, some among the crowd of hundreds “stormed and ransacked Hong Kong’s parliament.”
  • According to the Hospital Authority, “38 men and 16 women had been taken to hospital after the various protests on Monday, including the July 1 march.”
  • The protesters took over LegCo to mark the anniversary of Hong Kong being returned back to Chinese rule from Britain in 1997.
  • Once protesters smashed windows, they “defaced the emblem of Hong Kong in the central chamber, raised the old British colonial flag, spray-painted messages across the walls, and shattered furniture.”
  • Some of the graffiti called for Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam to step down.
  • Many view the destruction of property as a “direct challenge to China” and continuous strong opposition to the extradition bill.
  • According to reports, “hundreds of police secured the building following a warning to protesters to clear it.”
  • Hong Kong has experienced weeks of tumult following the introduction of a controversial extradition bill that would send suspects to mainland China for prosecution.
  • Opponents fear that China would abuse its power and not respect human rights since the country is consistently accused of not abiding to the rule of law.
  • In response to the weeks of protests, “the government called for an immediate end to the violence, saying it had stopped all work on extradition bill amendments and that the legislation would automatically lapse in July next year.”
  • Despite all the turmoil, there are reports that mainland China’s state media didn’t make mention of the latest protests.

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