Executive Chief Carrie Lam Says: Radical Protesters Undermining Hong Kong’s Law and Order; Causing Very ‘Dangerous Situation’ After Days of Protests that Have Crippled City

  • Three consecutive days of mass demonstrations in Hong Kong continued into Monday where protesters have continued to defy both Hong Kong and Chinese governments in opposition to the extradition bill and Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam.
  • Protests have led to chaos and brought the city’s transport to a standstill as “activists descended on subway stations during morning rush hour, deliberately keeping open doors to stop trains departing and paralyzing large parts of a network that millions of people use daily.”
  • Protesters called for a strike across the city to cripple traffic and disrupt business as usual.
  • Over the days of protests, police and demonstrators have violently clashed and riot police fired tear gas in four separate locations on Monday after radical demonstrators “blocked more than a dozen main roads and three major tunnels, set up barricades, started fires, and attacked law enforcers with petrol bombs, bricks and other projectiles.”
  • Police have arrested more than 82 people in seven protests going on at the same time around the city.
  • According to reports, “a car rammed through a barricade set up by protesters in Yuen Long, narrowly missing people trying to hold back the barrier, and injuring one person. A similar incident occurred on Harcourt Road and reportedly injured several people.”
  • Lam has “toughened her stance and warned that they [protesters] had gone beyond protests to attack the nation’s sovereignty.” She also called it a “very dangerous situation.”
  • Lam said: “(They) have seriously undermined Hong Kong’s law and order and are pushing our city, the city that we all love and many of us helped to build, to the verge of a very dangerous situation.”
  • Lam said: “But this series of extremely violent acts is pushing Hong Kong to a very dangerous situation; some extreme activists have altered the nature of these [protests], resorting to violent means to express their aspirations.”
  • She added: “They removed the national flag, threw it into the sea, and called for a revolution to liberate Hong Kong … These actions have challenged national sovereignty, threatened one country, two systems, and will destroy the city’s prosperity and stability.”
  • Hong Kong has been ruled under this system since it was returned to China from Britain in 1997.
  • Lam added: “I dare say they are trying to destroy Hong Kong.”
  • Lam stood strong and said there will be no compromise: “Do we have to gamble with the stable lives of 7 million people and the city’s future? Our society is becoming unsafe and unstable. This approach, which some people said was to bring collateral damage, will push Hong Kong onto a path of no return.”

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