Doctors Declare Two Ebola Patients ‘Cured’ Thanks to New Ebola Drugs; Sends Message that ‘Ebola Kills Quickly and Ebola Heals Quickly’

  • Doctors who have treated two Ebola patients with new drugs have declared that they are “cured” and have been sent home.
  • Doctors highlighted the cases on Tuesday to inform the public that if people with Ebola seek care as soon as possible, they can get cured and can have a positive outlook.
  • The director of Congo’s National Institute for Biomedical Research, Dr. Jean-Jacques Muyembe, “said Ebola is dangerous but it is also curable with proper treatment.”
  • Dr. Muyembe said during a press conference: “Ebola kills quickly and Ebola heals quickly. That’s the message.”
  • Muyembe said: “These cases were detected very quickly. The husband was infected, he was at home for 10 days and his wife and son were infected. As soon as the response teams detected these cases, they brought them here to the treatment center. We gave them treatment that is effective and here in a short time both are cured.”
  • Muyembe discussed the two new Ebola drugs that “are now to be used to treat Ebola patients because, according to the studies and the results we obtained in the lab, these are the two drugs that are effective.”
  • This week, Muyembe and other scientists announced that the preliminary trial results from the two drugs showed their promise with saving lives, but they warned that more research is needed to figure out how well they will work.
  • As antibodies, the drugs work to block Ebola and proved that “significantly fewer people died among those given the Regeneron drug or the NIH’s (U.S. National Institutes of Health), about 30%, compared to those who received another treatment.”
  • Esperance Nabintu and her son who survived Ebola said: “May the Lord be praised, I thank the Lord very much. I and my child were sick with Ebola, but God has just healed us. My brothers, we must not doubt. Ebola exists.”
  • Nabintu’s husband was the second Ebola victim to die in the town of Goma, but no other Ebola deaths have been reported since then.

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