Breaking News — U.S. Says Iran Responsible for Tanker Attacks in Gulf of Oman Early Thursday Morning

  • Secretary of State Mike Pompeo now holds Iran responsible for the attack of two oil tankers early Thursday morning in the Gulf of Oman, near the Strait of Hormuz, which is the pathway where the majority of global oil passes through. Due to the attack, crews had to evacuate the ships.
  • Per the Pentagon, “the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet received two separate distress calls from the oil tankers shortly after the attacks.”
  • Pompeo classified the attack as the latest in a number of “provocative actions” by Iran as tensions in the regions continue to rise.
  • Pompeo said: “Iran is lashing out because the regime wants our successful maximum pressure campaign lifted. No economic sanctions entitle the Islamic Republic to attack innocent civilians, disrupt global oil markets and engage in nuclear blackmail.”
  • Pompeo added: “The international community condemns Iran’s assault on the freedom of navigation and the targeting of innocent civilians.”
  • The secretary of state added that the U.S. will continue to “defend its forces, interests and partners.”
  • Per Pompeo, intelligence pointed to Iran as the culprit, as well as similar incidents in the region like an attack on tankers last month.
  • On news of the attack and increased tensions in the region, oil prices rose 4%.
  • On Thursday, President Trump tweeted “it is too soon to even think about making a deal with Iran,” and added “they are not ready, and neither are we!”
  • The relationship between the U.S. and Iran has worsened since Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal last year and imposed sanctions on the nation.
  • In retaliation, Iran said it won’t honor parts of the deal unless economic sanctions are relaxed.
  • In May, Trump ordered a round of sanctions against Iran metals and recently named Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization.

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