Bolton Blames Iran for Attack on Oil Tankers Near UAE, Quips Who Else Could it Be

  • U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton said that Iran is “almost certainly” to blame for the sabotage earlier this month on four oil tankers near the coast of the UAE.
  • Bolton is on a trip to Abu Dhabi as tensions between the U.S. and Iran have drastically increased, and the U.S. has accused Iran of threatening its interests in the region.
  • Bolton said: “It’s clear that Iran is behind the Fujairah attack. Who else would you think would be doing it? Someone from Nepal… There is no doubt in anybody’s minds in Washington, we know who did this and it’s important Iran knows we know.”
  • Saudi Arabia has called a summit to discuss the U.S.-Iran conflict and other issues affecting the region.
  • During his visit, Bolton will meet with Abu Dhabi’s crown prince and officials from the UAE.
  • Bolton said: “We are responding and consulting more closely with our allies in the region to discuss what to do next.”
  • He added: “We are trying to be prudent and responsible. We gathered evidence about the nature of attacks on the tankers and the East-West pipeline, and sent additional forces to act as a deterrent.”

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