Blackwater Founder Ready to Launch Private Army of Mercenaries to back Venezuela’s Opposition Leader and Topple Maduro

  • According to Reuters, Blackwater founder Erik Prince has offered to send a private army to overthrow Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro. The U.S. has backed Venezuela’s opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, and views him as the country’s legitimate president.
  • Prince, a strong supporter of President Trump, has actively tried to secure the political support and funds needed to deploy an army of mercenaries. Prince has approached Venezuelan exiles and Trump supporters.
  • According to sources, Prince’s plan is to send around 5000 hired soldiers to back Guaidó.
  • Garrett Marquis, the White House National Security Council spokesman, wouldn’t comment to whether the U.S. government was aware of Prince’s plan. A different source said the White House wouldn’t agree with this plan of action.
  • The Maduro government also declined to comment on the matter.
  • Some experts called the plan “far-fetched and potentially dangerous” since it could initiate a civil war in Venezuela.
  • A spokesman for Prince said he “has no plans to operate or implement an operation in Venezuela.”
  • Prince’s motivation would be to privatize warfare and profit. He has previously sent private security contractors into war zones around the world.
  • Blackwater is a private security firm that has been mired in controversy, including a 2007 incident where Blackwater employees killed 17 Iraqi civilians in Baghdad. One of the employees was convicted of murder and three others were convicted of manslaughter.

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  1. Privatize warfare and profit? Whomever wrote this, at the least, is ignorant of history and at worse, is anti-American and would support a socialist regime like Maduro’s keeping President Guaido from the presidency merely through force. Hey, ever hear of the British use of Hessian (German) Mercenaries to fight the rebellious colonies that now allow you to be foolish with your journalism?

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