America Playing Dangerous Game of Catch Up? China Continues to Beef Up Nuclear Arsenal

  • China continues to make leaps and bounds in its nuclear arsenal, which not only has America worried but playing a dangerous game of catch up.
  • Chinese nuclear weapons are now seen as a serious threat to the U.S. and its dominance in the Asian region.
  • Chinese developments have placed the country as a serious player in a nuclear arms race against the U.S. and Russia.
  • Recent satellite imagery has shown a number of Chinese missile submarines that are poised for nuclear attacks at a key base off the waters of China. There are facilities located at the base designed to house and load the ballistic missiles.
  • These nuclear-powered ballistic missile subs have also been seen patrolling the waters.
  • For the past six decades, China has worked on conquering the challenges of these complex sea-based military technologies and now has matched other countries’ capabilities like the U.K. and France.
  • The Pentagon said China has a “credible and viable sea-based nuclear deterrent.”

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