10 Tory Candidates Bicker Over How Brexit Will Happen as They Vie for Party Leadership

  • Ex-Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom said “leaving the EU by the end of October is a hard red line and will happen in all circumstances.” Leadsom added that she has a “managed exit” to leave the EU.
  • Leadsom said: “In all circumstances we are leaving the European Union on 31 October. Our country and our party cannot afford any more indecisiveness.”
  • She said her plan includes a “temporary trade agreement” and negotiating “contingency arrangements with Brussels over the summer recess.”
  • Leadsom’s rival, Mark Harper, said Brexit before October 31 is “not possible.” He added “renegotiating and getting a deal past MPs would take longer.”
  • Rory Stewart said “talk of a better deal on the table was a fairy story.” He also said he wanted to “take the politics out of the situation and find a way to get Mrs. May’s deal through Parliament.”
  • After Theresa May’s withdrawal plan was rejected by MPs, the deadline for Brexit was pushed back to October.
  • However, the EU has continued to say that “the agreement will not be re-opened.”
  • European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker said: “This is not a treaty between Theresa May and Juncker; this is a treaty between the United Kingdom and the European Union.”
  • He added: “It has to be respected by whomsoever will be the next British prime minister.”
  • There are currently 10 Conservative candidates vying to be the party’s next leader and Prime Minister after Theresa May resigned last month.
  • The Conservative candidates “will contest Thursday’s first round of voting after nominations closed in the contest to succeed Theresa May as Tory leader and prime minister.”
  • Over a two-week period, Tory MPs will participate in a series of secret ballots to narrow the list down to the final two candidates.

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