War Hero Edward Gallagher Found Not Guilty of Murder, Attempted Murder in Case That Pitted Navy SEALs Against One Another

  • Special Warfare Chief Edward Gallagher has been found not guilty of murder and attempted murder in a case where he was accused of stabbing and killing a teenage ISIS fighter and shooting at civilians in Iran in 2017.
  • On Tuesday, two sailors and five Marines reached the verdict after hearing testimony from Gallagher’s own platoon throughout the 2-week trial.
  • According to reports, “seven members of Gallagher’s own platoon leveled the accusations against him, describing their chief as a reckless murderer who failed to distinguish between civilians and the enemy.”
  • The accusers were part of a WhatsApp group named “The Sewing Circle,” which was “dedicated to discussing the alleged war crimes of a decorated sniper and medic.”
  • The conversations would form the crux of the prosecution’s argument against Gallagher.
  • The story made national headlines after “The New York Times” reported on Gallagher allegedly “stabbing an injured teenage ISIS fighter and shooting an elderly man and a young girl.”
  • According to the accusers, they were told to remain silent about Gallagher’s actions for fear of retribution, including “losing their tridents, the coveted badge identifying a sailor as a Navy SEAL.”
  • In May, it was reported that Gallagher was “one of several accused troops being considered for pardons from President Trump.” The news outraged many and highlighted divisions among Navy SEALs and the military community.
  • Per reports, “the SEAL community is known for being especially close-knit, but the Gallagher case created a clear division between old-school defenders and younger skeptics.”
  • Keeping the case even more in the headlines, it was reported that before the trial began, “prosecutors had embedded email tracking software in their correspondence with Gallagher’s defense team.”
  • Gallagher’s lead attorney threated to lodge an ethics complaint against the Navy prosecutors, so the trial judge allowed Gallagher to be released from pre-trial custody and his maximum sentence was reduced to life without the possibility of parole.
  • With a not guilty verdict, Gallagher will no longer need a presidential pardon.

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