Flashback: Leftist Criminal Earth Day Co-Founder Killed His Girlfriend…

  • While it’s a fact that Ira Einhorn was charged and convicted with killing his ex-girlfriend, Helen Maddux, there’s disagreement about whether he was truly a co-founder of Earth Day or inflated his role. Earth Day is celebrated each April 22.
  • Einhorn is often referred to as a co-founder of Earth Day, but according to the Inquisitr, those responsible for Earth Day claim that Einhorn has lied about his contributions.
  • Also referred to as the “Unicorn Killer,” Einhorn was accused of killing Maddux in 1977, but her body wasn’t found until 1979. Her body was found mummified and while some say her body was composted, others say it wasn’t true.
  • Once Maddux’s body was found, Einhorn jumped bail, fled and was found in France in 1997. He was extradited back to the U.S. in 2001 where he stood trial and was found guilty.
  • The first Earth Day was said to have been celebrated in 1970, but Einhorn was never mentioned in connection to the day until the 1980s when his claim was referenced in a book that was being written about the Maddux murder.
  • Some believe that connecting Einhorn and the murder to Earth Day is a way to discredit the day.

Reference Links & Additional Info…

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  • Inquisitr: Earth Day Was Not Founded By Convicted Murderer Ira Einhorn READ

By April Sandsterg

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