Twisted Left Shows How Low It Can Go With Disgusting, Gleeful Twitter Messages Celebrating David Koch’s Death

  • Following news of the death of billionaire industrialist, GOP supporter and philanthropist 79-year-old David Koch, along with details about his life and touching tributes, some Twitter users took the moment to celebrate his death.
  • David and his brother Charles have contributed significantly to the right, shaping GOP policies along the way for the past 40 years, leading to the ire of many on the left with much of “their generous apolitical philanthropy obscured by their more widely reported donations to GOP politicians and causes.”
  • Additionally, “Trump supporters don’t exactly back them either given the wide philosophical gap between the billionaire brothers and the president.”
  • Recently, the Koch brothers angered “President Trump after snubbing his bid for the White House in 2016 and then announcing earlier this year that they would not support the president’s 2020 re-election bid.”
  • The news of Koch’s death “sent many who already view the Koch brothers as Republican boogeymen to their keyboards to celebrate David’s passing and taunt his grieving older brother, Charles.”
  • One tweet read: “Today Charles Koch is learning how overjoyed the world will be when he dies.”
  • Another tweet read: “Here’s hoping Charles Koch follows in his brothers David Koch’s footsteps…”
  • Liberal writer Oliver Willis wrote: “When a bad person dies they don’t suddenly become a saint. Their legacy of destruction and pain doesn’t just float away. David Koch is dead, we have to deal with the fallout of his villainy for hundreds of years.”
  • Josh Gondelman tweeted: “David Koch has died. In lieu of flowers please construct a shadow network of tax deductible shell companies to donate to the further perpetuation of environmental destruction and income inequality.”
  • Grant Stern tweeted: “David Koch is dead. But his legacy of destroying the environment, fostering income inequality and manipulating our democratic process to favor minority rule will live on for a long time. #FridayFeeling”
  • Charlie Galvin tweeted: “I feel sorry for Charles Koch. His brother’s passing must be difficult. I pray they are soon reunited.”
  • Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro noted that there was much “glee” from Koch’s passing “and called it a perfect example of how poisonous our politics have become.”

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    • I am a Republican and I celebrate the passing of a traitor. I will never be able to hire illegal aliens by the 10s of thousands like he did,but why would I want to anyway? Sell my country out for a few dollars more? America is only doomed by conspiracy and impropriety from within.

  1. Twitter LOVES the Hate from the left… They EMBRACE violence as long as its against American taxpayers…Twitter exec needs to Hang for the good of Mankind.

  2. Most of it does, but I have also noticed the same regarding RBG. I agree with virtually nothing she stands for, but some of the comments about her cancer have been vicious.

    We are in danger of losing our humanity if we go down that road.

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