Trump’s Banks, Deutsche Bank and Capital One, Refused to Tell Judges Whether or Not They Had His Tax Returns as Dems Continue to Push for Trump’s Financial Records

  • On Friday, attorneys for Deutsche Bank and Capital One wouldn’t acknowledge to a New York federal appeals court whether or not  they have President Trump’s tax returns due to “contractual obligations.”
  • A panel of three judges “asked the banks whether documents subject to House Democrats’ subpoenas for financial records might include Trump’s tax filings.”
  • Since the attorneys repeatedly refused “to answer, the banks will  file letters to the court within 48 hours on the topic, though it’s unclear what the banks would say in their writings, according to the reports.”
  • Additionally, “the judges questioned the banks about Trump’s tax returns in the hearing for a case in which the president is challenging House Democrats’ subpoenas.”
  • Earlier this year, “the House Financial Services and Intelligence Committees issued subpoenas to the banks” to get documents related to Trump’s finances.
  • In return, “Trump’s personal lawyers then filed a lawsuit in an effort to prevent the banks from turning over the documents.”
  • Patrick Strawbridge, an attorney for the Trump family, “told the appellate panel that the committees did not have a legitimate legislative purpose for the subpoenas, which he described as too broad.”
  • Strawbridge said: “The subpoenas look for every debit card, every Diet Coke that a teenager purchased using a credit card from Capital One if they are related to Trump.”
  • A federal district court ruled in favor of Democrats to receive the documents in May, but “the subpoenas aren’t being executed while the case is being appealed.”
  • Last month, a Washington, D.C. federal appeals court “heard oral arguments in a case over Democrats’ subpoena for Trump’s financial information from the accounting firm Mazars.”
  • Also, last month, “Democrats filed a lawsuit in an effort to get a court to compel the Treasury Department and IRS to provide them with Trump’s federal tax returns.”
  • Earlier this week, House Democrats filed a motion “to expedite the case, which the administration is taking issue with.”

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  1. I want to see the financial records of the 0bammas, the Sanders, the Schummers and the Pelosis since they made their fortunes by robbing the taxpayer directly.

  2. The Democrats can foam at the mouth like rabies affected dogs all they wish, as there is no legal or Constittutional requirement that he must reveal his tax records except as he chooses…

    If it is pushed to a conclusion where it is thusly required to do so. I would expect a revision and retroactive inspection of Barack Obama’s unusual tax returns, wherein he went from not having the cost to rent a vehicle in 2006 to being worth 300 million dollars in 2019… his campaign took in 100 million dollars from China by eliminating the credit card filters stopping foreign donation during a Presidential campaign which is rightly viewed as foreign bribery and interference…

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