‘Subpoena Binge’ — Dems Vote to Issue 12 Subpoenas to Trump Associates for Pointless Obstruction Probe

  • On Thursday, the House Judiciary Committee voted 21-12 to authorize subpoenas to President Trump’s associates related into the committee’s probe into possible obstruction of justice by the Trump administration.
  • Voting along party lines, Democrats were heavily in favor of subpoenaing the associates to look into what they consider wrongdoing by Trump, but Republicans called it a “subpoena binge.”
  • New subpoenas will be issued to: “former Attorney General Jeff Sessions; former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein; Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner; former White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn; former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Rick Dearborn; former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly; former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski; former White House aide Rob Porter; publisher of the National Enquirer David Pecker and chief content officer Dylan Howard; former Stormy Daniels lawyer Keith Davidson; and Assistant Attorney General Joseph “Jody” Hunt.”
  • The vote came “after a tense committee meeting, where lawmakers clashed over the ever-escalating probe into the Trump administration as well as the format for former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s scheduled testimony before the panel next week.”
  • In an opening statement on Thursday, Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler said: “These 12 subpoenas relate to the committee’s ongoing investigation into allegations of obstruction of justice, public corruption, and abuses of power, including such conduct described within the scope of the Mueller report.”
  • Nadler continued: “The Committee on the Judiciary has a constitutional obligation to investigate credible allegations of misconduct.”
  • Nadler pointed out that the committee has previously tried to seek documentation and other evidence from officials voluntarily, but at the behest of the White House, they were told not to comply.
  • Nadler said: “These include government officials who worked (or continue to work) in close proximity to the president. These witnesses also include those outside of government who have critical information in connection with our investigation.”
  • Republican Ranking Member Doug Collins lashed out at Nadler and Democrats saying: “Here we go again for another episode of premature subpoena authorizations, brought to you by the Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee.”
  • Collins added: “The chairman wants to continue his subpoena binge and issue an additional twelve subpoenas to individuals related to the Mueller investigation.”
  • Collins also said: “In the world of congressional oversight, these subpoenas make no sense at all. But in the world of politics, today’s markup makes perfect sense.”
  • Nadler also stated that he would issue subpoenas to current and former Trump officials over the administration’s immigration policies, including the separation of families.

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