• GOP Senators have approved the full $5 billion that President Trump has requested “to build about 200 miles (322 kilometers) of fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border, but the plan ran into immediate opposition from Democrats and is a non-starter with powerful House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.”
  • The funding “is contained in a $71 billion draft funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security that cleared its first, easiest hurdle in a Senate panel on Tuesday.”
  • Senate Homeland Security Appropriations Chair Shelley Moore Capito made the announcement about the approval of the request.
  • However, “the money faces an uphill slog. Tuesday’s subcommittee vote was routine but a heated debate awaits on Thursday when the legislation is voted on in the full Appropriations Committee, where Democrats promise votes to cut the wall funding back.”
  • Earlier this year, “Trump won $1.4 billion through the regular budget process. He almost immediately declared a national emergency that triggered his ability to conduct a recently announced $3.6 billion transfer from military base construction.”
  • If the recently approved “$5 billion is added to prior-year appropriations and various transfers from the Pentagon, Trump would have obtained almost $15 billion for the wall.”
  • This $5 billion comes “after Trump roiled Capitol Hill by transferring $6.1 billion from Pentagon accounts to get around lawmakers opposed to his border wall.”
  • According to reports, “some $3.6 billion of the wall money is coming through Trump’s controversial emergency declaration earlier this year, which permitted him to raid military construction projects such as schools and target ranges to finance the wall.”
  • GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski said: “There is a line here that I believe has been overstepped. It is in this committee that we determine what the appropriation level will be for the wall.”

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