Rep. Meadows Looking into Anti-Trump Bias re: Comey-Mueller Connection. All angles getting hit…

  • House Freedom Caucus chairman Mark Meadows said he wants to look deeper into the 8-9 days prior to Robert Mueller being named the special counsel for the Russia probe following President Trump’s firing of then-FBI director James Comey.
  • The Republican lawmaker wants to examine the events to see if there was any connection.
  • Meadows said, “From the time of the firing of James Comey to the selection of Bob Mueller as the special prosecutor, those nine days or so in there. There were a number of things going on within the DOJ and FBI, some of which has been reported on, some of which have not.”
  • Meadows has been leading the charge in investigating alleged bias against Trump in the FBI and DOJ.
  • Meadows is interested in learning more about Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s discussions into possibly using the 25th amendment to get Trump removed as president.
  • Rosenstein and other Justice Department officials have previously said it wasn’t a serious course of action but other officials disagree.
  • Rosenstein tendered his resignation on Monday.

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