Phony Dem Investigations Threatening to Derail 2019 Legislative Agenda, Distracting from Issues with Fighting

  • With President Trump and House Democrats at war over the Mueller investigation, additional investigations into Trump and his associates and the failure of Trump administration members to comply with House subpoenas, the 2019 legislative agenda looks even less productive than previously expected.
  • Growing calls of impeachment are further driving a wedge between Trump and Democrats, which is further deteriorating the relationship.
  • The latest blow-up involved Trump walking out of an infrastructure meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer after three minutes.
  • Pelosi accused Trump of a cover-up regarding the Russia investigation and Trump told Democrats to knock off investigations or he wouldn’t work with them.
  • Per reports, “many congressional Democrats have said this year they can walk and chew gum — meaning conducting oversight while moving agenda items. Trump made it clear Wednesday he’s not on board with that plan.”
  • Republican Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham said House Democratic investigations have gone overboard and “the answer for us is not to give up on governing.”
  • With all the fighting, there seems little hope to pass legislation on infrastructure, immigration, raising the debt ceiling and more.

Reference Links

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