Mark Levin Calls for Grand Jury and Special Prosecutor into How Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax Began

  • On Fox, conservative author and commentator Mark Levin said that a special counsel and grand jury should be convened to look into the events that led to the naming of Robert Mueller as the special prosecutor into the Russia investigation.
  • Levin said it was time to “get to the bottom” of things about how the Trump-Russia collusion narrative began.
  • Levin stated: “What ought to happen here is, there ought to be a grand jury impaneled. Comey should give testimony, McCabe should get testimony, Baker should get testimony, Strzok, Page – the whole cabal should be giving testimony. They should get a little bit of their own medicine.”
  • He also said: “We should have a criminal grand jury, and we should have either a Special Counsel or a United States Attorney take charge of this case and get to the bottom of it.”
  • Levin also argued that Democrats should have “Soviet tactics” used against them the same way they are using such tactics against Republicans.
  • Levin said: “And they [Democrats] maybe will have special counsels against them, because if they want to use Soviet tactics against Republicans, then the only way the Democrats know to stop is if Soviet tactics are used against them. That’s it.

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