Lashing Out: Rabid Dems Go All In Against AG Barr. They know what’s coming…

  • The Democrats are on a campaign to smear and attack Attorney General William Barr. The group of left-wingers calling for him to resign has grown larger, which shows the party’s desperation.
  • In the absence of finding evidence of Trump-Russian collusion in the Mueller report, Democrats have turned on Barr to take out their frustration and anger.
  • Democrats have been increasingly critical of Barr since his release of a 4-page summary of the report’s findings that said that Trump had not obstructed justice. The left was unsatisfied with the summary and demanded the release of the entire report.
  • Democrats pounced on Barr again after a letter from Robert Mueller to Barr said that Barr’s summary didn’t capture the full scope of the report.
  • When questioned about the Mueller letter by House Democrats in a hearing, they essentially accused Barr of “lying” and committing crimes to cover up for Trump.
  • Barr has said, “How did we get to the point where the evidence is now that the president was falsely accused of colluding with the Russians, accused of being treasonous and accused of being a Russian agent, and the evidence now is that that was without a basis?… But to listen to some of the rhetoric, you would think the Mueller report had found the opposite.”

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