Disgusting Attack: AOC Accuses Rep. Crenshaw’s Friends of Being Wife Beaters After He Tweeted He Lends Guns to Friends for Protection

  • Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw and progressive Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez exchanged personal barbs on Wednesday as they stated their positions on gun control measures like universal background checks after the latest mass shooting in Texas over the weekend left seven people dead and about 25 injured.
  • AOC attacked “Crenshaw for a tweet about a Houston-area woman who used a handgun to defend herself when five men tried to rob her.”
  • Crenshaw tweeted: “Situations like this story are why we protect the 2nd Amendment.”
  • Crenshaw added: “Side note: With universal background checks, I wouldn’t be able to let my friends borrow my handgun when they travel alone like this. We would make felons out of people just for defending themselves.”
  • AOC tweeted in response: “You are a member of Congress. Why are you “lending” guns to people unsupervised who can’t pass a basic background check? The people you’re giving a gun to have likely abused their spouse or have a violent criminal record, & you may not know it. Why on earth would you do that?”
  • Crenshaw responded back: “Just so I’m clear: you think my friends are domestic abusers/criminals? Seriously that’s your argument? That they can’t pass a background check? Wrong. People lend guns to friends, esp if they don’t own a gun, for self-defense and hunting purposes. This is America outside NYC.”
  • In response to Crenshaw’s supporters, AOC tweeted: “This idea of ‘I know the guy, there’s no way he beats his wife’ as the way we keep guns out of the hands of abusers is ridiculous. Any person who has been abused, assaulted, etc knows that abusers often present as upstanding.’”
  • AOC continued: “Domestic abusers can be master manipulators. Plus, domestic abuse is a HUGE indicator for gun violence. That’s why ‘vouching for friend’ isn’t a substitute for a background check.”
  • The progressive lawmaker also tweeted: “You said w/ universal background checks, you wouldn’t be able to “lend” guns to friends. If a background check would be a problem, then you shouldn’t “lend” a gun. And btw, NY is one of the safest states in the country when it comes to guns, incl rural areas. Try to keep up.”

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