Dems Should ‘Impeach or Shut Up’… Either way Trump wins

  • A growing group of 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls is calling for President Trump’s impeachment and have the support of about 66% of their voters, but the time to do it is limited and time is running out due to the 2020 election.
  • Since primary season begins in January, Democrats would need to start impeachment proceedings before voters could nominate Trump as his party’s candidate. If impeachment isn’t pursued before then, “he will have a mandate to mock and block these investigations.”
  • Another issue is Trump wouldn’t be able to have a trial in the Senate, which would be necessary for impeachment. Even if there was a trial, Trump could easily win it with a Republican majority in the Senate.
  • Some are calling Democrats call of impeachment a bluff and could backfire on them during the election since it could re-energize the Trump base.

Reference Links

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  • USA TODAY: Trying to impeach Trump could bolster his base: Today’s talker READ

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