‘Terrorist’ Antifa Group Terrorizes Portland Saturday Long After Proud Boys, Other Far-Right Groups Ended ‘End Domestic Terrorism’ Rally; Trump Tweets Support for Getting Radical Group Recognized as Terrorist Organization

  • After Saturday’s clashes between the far-right Proud Boys and far-left antifa in Portland, Oregon, both sides claimed victory as they faced-off, resulting in a number of skirmishes and arrests at the long-awaited, hyped-up event.
  • The Proud Boys put on the rally dubbed “End Domestic Terrorism,” which was “coordinated by former InfoWars staffer Joe Biggs.”
  • Authorities said “there were 13 arrests and police seized bear spray, shields, poles and other weapons. But by using barriers and bridge closures — and allowing a large contingent of right-wingers to leave when they asked to — authorities were able to mostly keep the two sides apart. Six minor injuries were reported.”
  • The rally was scheduled to start at 11 a.m. and ended by noon with a majority of the Proud Boys “choosing to march across the nearby bridge.”
  • Biggs said “the Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer and other far-right groups” had “accomplished their goal of drawing attention to black-clad anti-fascist protesters — known as antifa —who showed up to meet them.”
  • On Saturday, Trump tweeted “that major consideration is being given to naming ANTIFA an ‘ORGANIZATION of TERROR.’”
  • However, details are sketchy on “what he meant by that because there’s no mechanism for the United States government to declare a domestic organization a terror group.”
  • Biggs also told a media outlet that “he was pleased the rally attracted Trump’s attention,” and said: “He talked about Portland, said he’s watching antifa. That’s all we wanted.”
  • A person who attended the rally but remained anonymous for safety reasons said he “decided to attend because he wants antifa to be recognized as a domestic terrorist group.”
  • The rallygoer added that antifa has “been committing a lot of violence, and nothing is being done about … they have rhetoric thinking ICE members are Nazis, and that’s just not true.”
  • According to reports, “with the rallygoers gone, antifa and counter protesters, who vastly outnumbered the right-wing group, stayed in the park and spread out into the downtown area.”
  • There were also reports the groups ignored “police commands to stay on the sidewalks,” and “antifa members marched around and engaged in small confrontations with individuals who were perceived or proclaimed to be against antifa.”
  • However, “Eric K. Ward, executive director of the Portland-based Western States Center, said the right-wing rally was a bust.”
  • Ward said in a statement: “Portland won today, and far-right leaders like Joey Gibson and Joe Biggs lost.”
  • Ward also said “Biggs’ groups cut short a planned five-hour rally after only one hour and left.”
  • “The white nationalist, alt-right coalition that came to Portland were denied what they sought to create, which was large-scale civil disturbances,” Ward said in an interview.
  • Mayor Ted Wheeler said: “I’m grateful this was largely a peaceful event. We were preparing for and planning for a worst-case scenario.”

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