Making It Official: Trump Tweets Intention to Nominate Antonin Scalia’s Son, Eugene, to Be Next Labor Secretary

  • President Trump announced that he plans to nominate Eugene Scalia, the son of late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, to be the new Secretary of Labor. Reports surfaced ahead of Trump making the announcement official on Twitter.
  • Trump tweeted: “I am pleased to announce that it is my intention to nominate Gene Scalia as the new Secretary of Labor. Gene has led a life of great success in the legal and labor field and is highly respected not only as a lawyer, but as a lawyer with great experience…”
  • Trump continued: “…working with labor and everyone else. He will be a great member of an Administration that has done more in the first 2 ½ years than perhaps any Administration in history!”
  • Labor Secretary Alex Acosta plans to resign on Friday surrounding controversy around the once-secret plea deal he struck with disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein over underage sexual abuse charges back in 2008.
  • Under the plea deal, Epstein had federal charges dropped and served 13 months in county jail and paid his victims’ families.
  • The deal was brought to the forefront when Epstein was re-arrested last week on sexual abuse and conspiracy charges.
  • According to Reuters, “Scalia, 55, is a partner at a law firm in the Washington area and specializes in labor and employment cases.”
  • Additionally, Scalia “served as a special assistant to now-Attorney General William Barr when Barr was previously the head of the Justice Department in the 1990s.”
  • According to reports, Scalia’s confirmation may not be smooth sailing if Democrats have their way since Scalia “has a long history representing large corporations, including Walmart.”
  • Additionally,  Scalia was George W. Bush’s attorney before the Supreme Court in the Bush v. Gore case.

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