Juan Guaido Announces Massive Rally on Tuesday in Caracas to Bolster Support for Bid as Venezuela’s Legitimate Leader; Memo Shows Trump Administration Diverting $41M to Support Guaido’s Efforts

  • To oust President Nicolás Maduro and replace him as the leader of Venezuela, so-called interim president Juan Guaido is planning to up the ante by announcing a huge street rally on Tuesday to gather support for his bid.
  • Guaido tweeted on Wednesday: “We call on all of Venezuela to mobilize. Together, with the citizen power and the work of the National Assembly, we will advance to a next stage in our struggle. Everyone to Caracas!”
  • Calling it the “Great Street Session,” Guaido is looking to the rally “to galvanize the opposition movement in Venezuela, which is treading water domestically, despite enjoying broad support from the U.S. and its allies – over 50 other nations in total.”
  • The announcement comes just as a report from the “The Los Angeles Times” surfaced that a memo from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) was given to Congress on July 11 saying that $41.9 million would be paid to Guaido and his team.
  • Some of the money would go directly to Guaido and other money would be used for “interim government staff salaries or stipends, work-related travel and other costs necessary to ensure full deployment of a transparent financial management system and other activities necessary for a democratic transition.”
  • The memo also read that “$2 million will go to support diplomatic efforts by Guaido’s supporters as they negotiate with the Maduro regime, and $7.5 million will be dispensed to support independent media with the goal of providing Venezuelans with unbiased and unfiltered sources of news and information.”
  • The memo argued that there’s an “exigent crisis involving U.S. national interest” to justify the money being diverted from a development fund for Guatemala and Honduras.
  • The memo also stated that the “deviation of the money was necessary due to unforeseen events and exceptional circumstances.”
  • The memo was sent a few months after the Trump administration announced it would stop sending aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, “the three countries at the center of the current migration wave to the U.S.”
  • Trump has repeatedly said that the three Central American nations haven’t done enough to curb the massive immigration wave to the U.S.
  • Despite support for Guaido and acknowledgment of the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, the Trump administration noted that it wouldn’t allow the country’s migrants to seek asylum in the U.S.

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