Breaking News — Immigration Question Will Be Left Off 2020 Census

  • After the Supreme Court ruled that the Trump administration couldn’t include a question about a person’s citizenship on the 2020 census for the time being, the administration announced it was dropping the question off the upcoming census.
  • Former Obama White House lawyer Daniel Jacobson tweeted the announcement: “HUGE CENSUS NEWS — the Government just advised that the decision has been made to print the the census questionnaire WITHOUT the citizenship question. We won.”
  • Jacobson also screenshotted the email from the Justice Department that census forms would begin printing without the question.
  • Opponents and “civil rights groups argued that the Trump administration’s reasons for including the question were merely pretextual efforts to discourage illegal immigrants from responding to the Census.”
  • Census counts not only affects states’ funding but also apportions House seats according to populations for each state.
  • The Trump administration argued that the question would better enforce the Voting Rights Act and provide a more accurate count of the U.S. population.
  • On Monday, Trump said: “I think it’s very important to find out if somebody is a citizen as opposed to an illegal. There’s a big difference to me between being a citizen of the United States and being an illegal.”
  • In last week’s 5-4 ruling, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote that the Trump administration reasoning for including the question didn’t match up with the evidence provided.
  • The Supreme Court sent the issue back to the Commerce Department for further evidence on the need to include the question.
  • Last week, Trump said he would talk to his lawyers about delaying the census until the question could be included.
  • The citizenship question hadn’t been included on a census since 1950 but had been included on each census since 1890.

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