London Bridge Terrorist’s Family ‘Not Convincing Witnesses,’ Says UK Coroner; Says Family Could’ve Done More to Prevent Attack

  • England and Wales Chief Coroner Mark Lucraft said that London Bridge terrorist, Khuram Butt’s, family “were not convincing witnesses in court” during an inquest into how Butt and two other suspects killed 8 people and injured more than 48 in June 2017.
  • The inquest concluded that the 8 victims were unlawfully killed when Butt and the other suspects stabbed and hit victims with a van at the London Bridge and in and around Borough Market.
  • Lucraft said that “each of Butt’s family members accepted that they should now have done more at the time.”
  • Lucraft said: “All of the family knew something of his extreme views” and added: “I have to say, I didn’t find any of them convincing witnesses.”
  • Butt’s widow, Zahrah Rehman, brother-in-law, Usman Darr, brother, Saad Butt, and sister, Haleema Butt, all participated in the inquest.
  • Lucraft said there had been “multiple warnings of the extremist conduct of one of the attackers in the months and years before the attack but in the main those were not reported to the authorities.”
  • Lucraft concluded that the police and MI5 did not miss opportunities to stop the terrorist attack and cleared them of any wrongdoing.
  • Lucraft said: “I do not consider the narrative conclusion should criticize the thorough and rigorous investigation. On all the evidence I do not consider that investigative opportunities were lost.”
  • Butt’s brother, Saad, “a youth worker with links to the Government’s Prevent anti-radicalization project, had promised to watch him but had actually done little if anything to stop his brother,” Lucraft concluded.
  • Saad said he didn’t tell authorities because he thought his brother was already under investigation.
  • The three terrorist suspects were shot and killed by police less than 10 minutes after the brutal attack started.

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