Bombshell Report: Hezbollah Terrorist Activities Covered Up to ‘Protect Legitimacy’ of Obama’s Iran Deal; Hezbollah Planned ‘Game-Changing Terror Attacks’ Against Israeli Targets

  • An Israeli intelligence official confirmed that Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency worked for three and a half years to track and prevent the terrorist group Hezbollah from establishing “explosives storehouses from Thailand to New York” to target Israeli assets in various locations.
  • On Sunday, “The Daily Telegraph” reported “it appears that a major cover up of terrorist activities took place to protect the legitimacy of former President Barack Obama’s Iran nuclear deal.”
  • A man was arrested on suspected terrorism charges but was later released and never charged.
  • Per reports: “The arrest came just months after the UK joined the US and other world powers in signing the Iran nuclear deal and speculated that it was hushed up to avoid derailing the agreement with Tehran, which is the main supporter of the Lebanese Hezbollah group.”
  • Further, “it raises questions about whether senior UK government figures chose not to reveal the plot in part because they were invested in keeping the Iran nuclear deal afloat.”
  • According to reports, “the largest cache, containing some three tons of ammonium nitrate, a key ingredient for some types of explosives, was found at four locations in north London, sites raided by the Metropolitan Police in September 2015.”
  • Other caches were found in Thailand, Cyprus and other unnamed European countries.
  • An Israeli intelligence official said: “Hezbollah is preparing for a situation in which it will decide to seek revenge, whether for something taking place between Israel and Lebanon or for an attack on Iran’s nuclear sites, and has established a network of enormous caches of advanced explosive materials.”
  • “The Telegraph” reported that Hezbollah was trying to “establish infrastructure in London in preparation for future attacks.”
  • An unnamed foreign intelligence agency informed the Metropolitan Police and Britain’s MI5 about the alleged plot.
  • This week, an unnamed Israeli official said the tip came from Mossad and said Hezbollah was involved in “long-term planning for immense, game-changing terror attacks.”

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