Nigerian Police Rescue 300 Boys, Men Held Against Will, Sexually Abused, Tortured, Starved at Alleged Islamic School

Nigerian police confirmed that more than 300 boys and men were “rescued from a building thought to be an Islamic school where they were held against their will, sexually abused, starved and tortured.” Some of the boys rescued from the town of Kaduna were as young as 5 years old. According to reports, “most of […]

House Subcommittee Held Hearing on Paying Reparations to Black Descendants of Slaves; Radical Dems in Favor, Republicans Against

The House Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties subcommittee held an impassioned hearing on giving reparations to the descendants of African slaves. Democrats described paying reparations to black Americans as righting America’s “original sin,” but Republicans said reparations are probably “unconstitutional” and an “injustice.” The subcommittee held the hearing on Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee’s H.R. […]