How About Some Censorship? Biden Campaign Sends Letter Demanding Networks Stop Booking Giuliani Amid Ukraine Controversy

2020 Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s campaign sent a letter on Sunday to the heads of major news networks demanding that they no longer book President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, to appear on their programs. The letter was “addressed to the heads of the major news and cable networks, as well as top news anchors.” […]

After Biden’s Embarrassing Gaffe in Iowa, Trump Said Dem Isn’t ‘Playing With a Full Deck’ and Said ‘This Isn’t Somebody You Can Have as Your President’

Speaking to reporters on Friday, President Trump attacked 2020 Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden by saying that Biden isn’t “playing with a full deck,” and he would be thrilled to face-off with him in next year 2020’s presidential election. Trump said: “Look, Joe is not playing with a full deck. He made that comment and I […]

Biden Knocks Progressives, AOC; Said Moderate Dems More Electable

In an interview, 2020 Democratic candidate Joe Biden went after Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the far-left wing of the Democratic Party, saying that middle-of-the road Dems are more relatable and electable in elections. Biden remarked during the interview that most Democrats are not too far left and used the 2018 midterm elections as an example […]

NYT Columnist Not Impressed with Biden’s Candidacy After Seeing Him at 3 Events; Calls Him ‘Shaky’ and ‘Unnerving’

After “New York Times” columnist/blogger saw former Vice President Joe Biden at three of his campaigning events over the weekend, she wrote that she wasn’t impressed with his candidacy and described his performances as “unnerving.” Goldberg wrote: “Seeing Biden on the stump often feels like watching an actor who can’t quite remember his lines. Even […]

Biden’s Lackadaisical Campaigning Pace, Lame Friendship Post and Obama Name-Dropping Under Fire

Former Vice President Joe Biden has faced mounting criticism and outright mockery over the weekend for his failure to appear in Iowa for an event that featured 19 other hopefuls, his take on “Best Friends Day” and excessively name-dropping Obama. Biden didn’t make an appearance at the Iowa Democratic Party Hall of Fame event on […]

Where’s the Investigation? Political Bias Protects Hunter Biden from Scrutiny for Involvement with ‘Foreign Corrupt Oligarchs” in China and Ukraine

President of the Government Accountability Institute, Peter Schweizer, said that while Joe Biden was vice president, his son, Hunter, was financially involved with “foreign states and oligarchs” in the Ukraine and China while his father “steered foreign policy towards those two countries.” Wondering why “foreign corrupt oligarchs” were “stuffing money into Hunter Biden’s pocket,” Schweizer […]