Pro-Democracy Hong Kong Protests Erupt in Violence For 2nd Day as Protesters, Police Clash Ahead of China’s National Day Holiday

For a second consecutive day in Hong Kong, pro-democracy protesters and police clashed ahead of China’s holiday this week, National Day on Oct. 1. Hong Kong’s business and shopping districts have been thrown into disarray over the clashes. The violence on Sunday started “early afternoon when police fired tear gas to disperse a large crowd […]

Hong Kong Leader Carrie Lam Withdraws Controversial Extradition Bill; Activists Vow to Continue Protesting for Full Democracy

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam announced that the highly-controversial extradition bill that has sparked months of widespread protests will be withdrawn. Opposition to the bill has seen Hong Kong pitted against China over democracy, policing practices and more. In a videotaped speech on Wednesday, “Lam cited growing clashes between protesters and police and online harassment […]

Carrie Lam Denies Reports That She’s Tendered Resignation to China; Digs in Heels that She Plans to Retain Position

After reports surfaced about leaked audio suggesting that Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam tried to resign over three months of protests and turmoil over an extradition bill, Lam denied the accusations and said she has never submitted her resignation to China. At a news briefing, Lam was asked numerous times “about a Reuters report […]

Three Integral Pro-Democracy Activists Arrested by Hong Kong Police Ahead of Massive Saturday Rally That’s Now Banned by Police; Two of Three Activists Since Released on Bail

In a 24-hour period, Hong Kong police arrested three of the most-known pro-democracy activists who have been integral in the ongoing anti-extradition bill protests as a way to squash the protests that are going into their 13th week. The arrests also come ahead of a major pro-democracy march that was originally scheduled for Saturday but […]

Trump Urges President Xi to Meet Face-to-Face with Hong Kong Protesters to End Months-Long Protest; Clarifies Previous Tweet to Meet with Xi

In a tweet on Thursday, President Trump urged Chinese President Xi Jinping to meet with Hong Kong protesters face-to-face to bring the months-long protests to an end and clarified a previous tweet about the situation. On Wednesday, Trump tweeted about the possibility of a personal meeting between the two leaders to end the protests: “I […]

Released Satellite, Video Images Show 500 Chinese Military Vehicles, Troops Near Hong Kong Border; Some Calling it Intimidation Tactic to Squash Hong Kong Protests

Satellite and video images released this week appear to show more than 500 Chinese military vehicles and troops in and near a soccer stadium near the Hong Kong border in what is purportedly a response to continued Hong Kong protests that have crippled operations at Hong Kong International airport for several days. The images were […]

Hong Kong International Airport at Standstill for 2nd Day in Row as Protesters Continue Mass Demonstrations; Lam Says Protesters ‘Have Pushed Events Onto a Path of No Return’

For the second day in a row, Hong Kong International Airport is at a standstill as pro-democracy protesters have taken over one of the world’s busiest airports, which led to mass flight cancellations, delays and saw protesters clash with riot police. After thousands of protesters flooded the various terminals, riot police arrived to disperse the […]

The Gloves Are Off: U.S. Calls Chinese Government a ‘Thuggish Regime’ After Chinese Paper Published Personal Info on American Diplomat who Met with Student Activists; China Denounced Remarks as U.S. ‘Gangster Logic’

The U.S. and China exchanged insults Thursday after disagreeing on the ongoing situation in Hong Kong where protesters have protested for weeks on end against the proposed extradition bill and currently are holding a three-day protest at an airport. China “asked the U.S. to explain reports its diplomats were in contact with Hong Kong protest […]