More Climate Change Insanity: Protesters Take Over Streets All Over Canada to Push Phony Agenda; Greta Thunberg Addressed Crowd

Across Canada, hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets in protest of climate change and are demanding that lawmakers do more to combat what they consider inadequate policies. Events have been planned in about 100 cities and towns. These Canadian “protesters are taking part in the global climate strike movement, which has seen […]

International Panel of Scientists Issue Fear-Mongering, Apocalyptic Climate Change Report to Scare the Masses

The United Nation’s climate panel published a dire report on the state of the planet that said that “sea levels are rising at an ever-faster rate as ice and snow shrink, and oceans are getting more acidic and losing oxygen.” The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued the report to world leaders at the U.N. […]

Another Excuse to Skip School? Millions of Students Granted Permission to Skip School to Protest Against Phony Climate Change

Around the globe, millions of people took to the streets in protest against climate change and the policies they said have led to environmental issues. They demanded governments across the world to take immediate action. The global climate strikes took place on Friday as millions walked out of work and school. The protests took “place […]

Liberal Elitists Take Private Jets, Cruise Around in Yachts, Drive Maseratis During Google’s 3-Day Summit on Climate Change; Busted for Hypocrisy

Google invited plenty of the rich and famous to a climate change conference in Sicily, Italy, but attendees are being slammed for taking private jets, staying on yachts and driving around in luxury cars, which many view as hypocritical since these actions are actually viewed as harmful to the planet. The three-day, $20 million climate […]

Extinction Rebellion Halts Traffic, Disrupts Emergency Personnel for Phony Climate Change Agenda; Demands U.K. Government Acts Immediately to Reach Net Zero Emissions

Across the U.K., members of Extinction Rebellion, an environmental protection group, are blocking roads as they protest against what they see as the government’s ineffective climate change policies. The group is using five boats to block roads and bring traffic to a halt in London, Glasgow, Cardiff, Leeds and Bristol. Each of the five blue […]

2020 Democratic Long-shot Inslee Continues to Push, Pester DNC for Climate Change-Only Debate; DNC Chair Says Idea Impractical

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Gov. Jay Inslee (WA) is continuing his pressure on the DNC to hold a climate change-only primary debate since he sees this issue as an existential threat to humans worldwide. Inslee has been “aggressively and relentlessly urging the DNC and the national party committee’s chairman Tom Perez to hold a climate […]