Another Dem Enters the Clown Car: Tom Steyer Announces 2020 Bid; Announcement Met with Lukewarm Response

With one Democrat exiting the already-crowded 2020 field, another one entered: Tom Steyer. Though Steyer previously said he wouldn’t run, he officially threw his hat in with a campaign video released on Tuesday. The progressive billionaire philanthropist has been at the forefront of the movement to impeach President Trump, the “Need to Impeach.” In a […]

1 Down, 24 to Go: Eric Swalwell First Dem to Drop 2020 Presidential Bid

California Rep. Eric Swalwell will be the first Democrat to drop his 2020 presidential bid, according to reports. The field is still full with 24 other Democrats vying for the White House. According to reports, Swalwell will hold an afternoon news conference to announce his decision to drop out and instead run for a fifth […]

Is He Serious? Biden Claims Russia Wouldn’t Interfere with U.S. Elections on His Watch — Known Fact Russia Interfered During Obama’s Administration

2020 Democratic hopeful Joe Biden was mocked for claiming that Russia wouldn’t interfere with U.S. elections if he was president, though it’s well-known Russia meddled while he was vice president. During a CNN interview, Biden talked about Russia’s meddling in U.S. and European elections and said: “While Putin’s trying to undo our elections, he’s actually […]

Can’t Take a Joke: Dems Jump on Trump After He Jokingly Told Putin to Not Meddle in 2020 Election

At the G-20 summit, a smirking President Trump wryly told Russian President Vladimir Putin to not “meddle” in the 2020 U.S. presidential election. This is the first meeting between the two leaders since the Mueller report concluded that Russia meddled in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Trump wagged his finger at Putin and said: “Don’t […]

Who Won the Disastrous Democratic Debate? President Trump, Of Course

Author, reporter and NBC News analyst Jonathan Allen named President Trump as the clear winner of the first 2020 Democratic presidential debate after candidates mostly refrained from directly attacking the president. Allen was surprised that Trump was “largely unscathed” during the debate with candidates going after one another instead. According to Allen, “the Democrats seemed […]

NYT Columnist Not Impressed with Biden’s Candidacy After Seeing Him at 3 Events; Calls Him ‘Shaky’ and ‘Unnerving’

After “New York Times” columnist/blogger saw former Vice President Joe Biden at three of his campaigning events over the weekend, she wrote that she wasn’t impressed with his candidacy and described his performances as “unnerving.” Goldberg wrote: “Seeing Biden on the stump often feels like watching an actor who can’t quite remember his lines. Even […]

Resilient Trump ‘Still Standing’ Despite Overwhelmingly Negative Press, says Gingrich; Trump Kicks Off 2020 Campaign Tonight with Massive Crowd Planned

Long-time Trump supporter and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich praised President Trump for his resilience against what he calls the “negative media coverage” surrounding the president. Gingrich said: “When you’ve had 92 or 93 percent negative press coverage, the very fact that he’s still standing is sort of a miracle, and of course […]

Biden’s Lackadaisical Campaigning Pace, Lame Friendship Post and Obama Name-Dropping Under Fire

Former Vice President Joe Biden has faced mounting criticism and outright mockery over the weekend for his failure to appear in Iowa for an event that featured 19 other hopefuls, his take on “Best Friends Day” and excessively name-dropping Obama. Biden didn’t make an appearance at the Iowa Democratic Party Hall of Fame event on […]

Trump Has Power to Flip Blue States Red in 2020

President Trump has the chance to flip historically blue states red during the 2020 election. Minnesota could be a possible pick up for Trump since the GOP took the 8th congressional district last year, which was one of the few pickups by Republicans. Due to an unpopular government and increasingly progressive left-wing policies, Illinois could […]

No Way in Hell: Trump Tells Roy Moore He ‘Cannot Win’ Senate Election; Loss Would Erase GOP Legislative Victories

As Republicans try to dissuade Republican Roy Moore of Alabama from running for U.S. Senate, President Trump weighed in and said Moore is unable to win. Part of Trump’s argument was that if Republicans lose that seat again, it would have serious consequences. In 2017, Moore lost out to Democrat Doug Jones. Trump tweeted: “Republicans […]