Trump Triumphs After Appeals Court Throws Out ‘Flawed’, ‘Deep State’ Suit that Falsely Claimed President Profited from Trump International Hotel, Other Businesses

  • President Trump triumphed on Wednesday when the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals threw out a suit that accused him of “profiting from foreign government business at his deluxe Washington hotel in violation of the U.S. Constitution.”
  • The attorneys general of D.C. and Maryland filed the suit against Trump accusing the president of earning money from his Trump International Hotel and his other businesses, which they said “violated prohibitions against receiving benefits from foreign governments, the U.S., or individual states.”
  • The Constitution’s Foreign Emoluments Clause “prohibits people holding office from accepting any present, emolument, office, or title, of any kind whatever, from any king, prince, or foreign state without congressional consent.”
  • The suit alleged that by keeping his businesses, “Trump earned millions of dollars in payments, benefits, and other valuable consideration from foreign governments and persons acting on their behalf, as well as federal agencies and state governments.”
  • They also claimed that the Trump International Hotel had an “unlawful competitive advantage” over other hotels in the area and wanted to protect local businesses that were losing out on earnings.
  • The Fourth Circuit said the attorneys general didn’t have the “standing” to file the suit and sent the case to a lower court to throw it out.
  • The court further said that D.C. and Maryland “did not establish that they suffered any harm that justified the lawsuit.”
  • The court wrote: “The District and Maryland’s interest in enforcing the Emoluments Clauses is so attenuated and abstract that their prosecution of this case readily provokes the question of whether this action against the President is an appropriate use of the courts, which were created to resolve real cases and controversies between the parties.”
  • The court continued that the “alleged harm amounts to little more than a general interest in having the law followed, which is not enough to constitute an actual case or controversy to be heard by the courts.”
  • Trump tweeted: “Word just out that I won a big part of the Deep State and Democrat induced Witch Hunt. Unanimous decision in my favor from The United States Court of Appeals For The Fourth Circuit on the ridiculous Emoluments Case. I don’t make money, but lose a fortune for the honor of serving and doing a great job as your President (including accepting Zero salary!).”
  • Justice Department spokesperson Kelly Laco said: “We are pleased that the Fourth Circuit unanimously decided to dismiss this extraordinarily flawed case. The court correctly determined that the plaintiffs improperly asked the courts to exceed their constitutional role by reviewing the President’s compliance with the Emoluments Clauses.”
  • Jay Sekulow, Trump’s personal lawyer, wrote: “The decision states that there was no legal standing to bring this lawsuit in the first place. This latest effort at Presidential harassment has been dismissed with.”

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