Religious Freedom Upheld: Supreme Court Throws Out Lower Court’s Ruling in Case of Oregon Bakers who Refused to Make Cake for Lesbian Wedding

  • On Monday, the Supreme Court sided with an Oregon cake shop that refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple by throwing out the ruling of a lower court. The lower court had fined the shop’s owners $135,000 for not making the cake.
  • Melissa and Aaron Klein, owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, claimed their religious beliefs prevented them for baking a cake for the gay couple.
  • In Monday’s ruling, the Supreme Court “sent the Klein case back down to a lower court for further consideration in light of their Colorado decision.”
  • The Colorado decision involved the justices ruling for a Colorado baker who also used his religious beliefs to not provide services for a same-sex wedding.
  • First Liberty is representing the Kleins and rejoiced in what they called a “victory.”
  • In a statement, First Liberty president Kelly Shackelford said: “This is a victory for Aaron and Melissa Klein and for religious liberty for all Americans. The Constitution protects speech, popular or not, from condemnation by the government. The message from the Court is clear, government hostility toward religious Americans will not be tolerated.”
  • After exhausting all their appeals in Oregon and paying $135,000 “in damages after the state Bureau of Labor and Industries ruled in 2015 that they violated a state anti-discrimination law, the Kleins took the case to the Supreme Court.
  • The case started in 2013 when Rachel Bowman-Cryer went to Sweet Cakes by Melissa for information on purchasing a wedding cake. When she told Aaron Klein there was not a groom, he said “the bakery does not make cakes for gay weddings.”
  • Bowman-Cryer’s mother was with her daughter at the time and claimed that Klein “quoted the Bible when explaining his decision.”
  • The Kleins ended up closing their bakery in 2016.

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