Snow Flake Celebrities and the Celebrity News Media that enables them all…

  • Celebrities seem to get increasingly outraged by criticism of their performances and even wardrobe choices, lashing out at the critics and naysayers who critique them, and the entertainment media seems to take celebrities’ side.
  • A prime example is the Jane Fonda-Megyn Kelly beef over Kelly questioning Fonda about her plastic surgery and the media siding with Fonda.
  • Some believe that when the media supports these celebrities, it further inflates their egos and make them believe they are immune from criticism.
  • A recent example includes singer Ariana Grande taking to social media to call out a television host who mocked her Coachella performance with Justin Bieber.
  • While social media has expanded who is actually a critic and who can dish out opinions, celebrities should realize and expect criticism and negative opinions.

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